Lithuanian government supports #GamesCampus and visas for non-EU people

Everything was OK. Why are you asking me all this?!

Aya, girl programmer from Moscow Nival now relocated to Vilnius, is surprised and slightly annoyed with me asking stupid questions like “so you had to do these and that papers, was anyone rude, unwilling to help or unhappy with you not speaking Lithuanian” or “did you have any problems setting up this and that, talking to whatever services you had to”…

Because I am telling people Vilnius is a good place to leave in

Because I care! I am well set and happy here, as much as my Christy (who is a Belarusian citizen actually). But then again, I am broadcasting over and over, that Vilnius is a pleasant to live in, that public services work, people are nice, and government loves you. But may be that is just me?..


Your country is good for families, yet you never mention this

Oleg, one of the leads behinds Nival’s MMO hit Prime World and the main guy behinds the GamesJam backend is in Vilnius for a weekend to learn best practices from the local chapter of the Global Game Jam and to talk to Invest Lithuania about possibilities for indies here.

“You’re talking tax breaks, friendly laws, rich talent pool and alike. But this is not important, this is what any country can offer” – he continues – “you’re dyeing to attract experienced gamedevs, but those have families, kids… who are of much higher priority than the business, think about it, tell us about what is important”.

We’re not rivals, we compliment each other

“We can do game jams, we can help to get funding, we can help to find talent, we can help to establish efficient business here” – Dovydas started his pitch – “Invest Lithuania helps to attract investment to Lithuania, and as soon as you have a local legal instance we’re here to help you move forward”.

Dovydas, a director from Enterprise Lithuania, approached Oleg and I since he learned we could help. Both Invest Lithuania we talked to last time, and Enterprise Lithuania (government arms reporting to the Ministry of Economy) are into game development now, and apparently are happy to work together. They sponsored the game jam event, and they’re here late Sunday, together with young teams delivering 20 projects made through the weekend.


Dovydas grabbed us to her assistant Lijana, and we settled down on special visas for game developers, up to 100 for the start. Then set to follow up on the #GamesCampus idea (a kind of summer camp for game developers in Vilnius with industry leaders and few selected small teams) and to brainsturm on the gamedev track for the Login Conference in April.

I guess, I believe…

I hope this nice initiative gets a follow up soon, and my overemotionous reports gonna be backed by raw solid facts. For now the fact is that Galyonkin and Klimov are coming to Vilnius, and the #GamesCampus was announced via their podcast (minute 61).

Time, oh time, can you stop for a moment so I can finish at least my Top 3?..

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  • Павел Кивалин

    Благодаря тебе я заинтересовался Вильнюсом как местом куда можно переехать жить =) Теперь планирую летом съездить на разведку и мб переехать.