China Joy 2013

It was a surprise that the ChinaJoy is smaller than the Gamescom (at least GC 2012 and 2011), and the GDC China is slightly bigger than the GDC Europe. Comparing to GDCC and GDCE our Unite China 2013 was like three times bigger, even despite a hefty (for this market) ~160 USD entry fee. We hope to attract close to 2000 people to the Unite China next year.


I got in in time only for the last two days of ChinaJoy. So it has both B2C and B2B sections., Game Insight and Nikita Online had B2B booths, were hunting hard for games to publish and to find local partners. Otherwise B2B area was mostly of Chinese or Asian companies, with Chinese taking probably ~80% of the area. Certainly there were more people from RU having meetings at their suited at Kerry…

Unity had a huge B2B booth, constantly busy, even the last talks (2 hours before the shut down) were packed. Our booth neighbors – Havok, CryEngine and Nvidia.

B2C section was a bit different from what I got used to – here it was mostly about entertaining the crowd and having an opportunity to take a photo of a booth girl. There were some stands with games as well. Huge Wargaming stand, btw., Intel, Nvidia, ZTE stood out from the Chinese developers and platform holders.

While making my way through hordes of young gamers (btw, even at Sunday Gamescom visitors are… older, and contrary to China – very very few girls) at the expo, there was a single idea puzzling me – action on all the stands is kinda similar, games and their looks/settings (unless I really missed the description in Chinese) are kinda very similar as well. Is it because of precise knowledge of the market or is it kinds of traditional thing where innovation is not appreciated?

Also UTC team with David signed an agreement for a Unity Games tab on the two biggest local Android market stores. It was also very pleasant that David opened the GDC China, and that despite our size, Unity is considered a top 3 to top 5 most influencing companies in China.

Overall, the recognition and respect UTC team managed to achieve is inspiring. Huge respect for the nice work, and I’ll do my best to bring in more Russian developers for the Unity Games China.

And here is the view that meets everyone entering the UTC office:

If there was one thing to take away from this huge read: never go to Shanghai in summer. If you have to go to the ChinaJoy – stay at Kerry’s, have an airport transfer. Oh, and if you think you can just go there and develop the market your self…nah…

Who guesses what is happening on the stage gets a cookie!

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