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Life in gamedev rhythm

This website hasn’t seen an update in ages (unlike my twitter, btw), and there’s a good reason for that. Here is an average week for what’s happening around me:

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Miracles for game developers in Vilnius

The main thing about all this story is that government, business and people do appreciate that gamedev trend with foreigners coming in and doing business here. The atmosphere of growth and development, this does inspire even more than most sated environments.

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How I sold Vilnius to game developers

I recently presented my story on booting up the gamedev initiative in Lithuania at the HubCamp #23. Here are the slides with notes.

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How to sell your city

How many guests it has taken me to find the last point? Probably too much for such a simple and obvious thing: people were choosing a place to be happy and productive, while we were pouring numbers on them…

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Startup conference manual: Game Development

Smaller guys, smaller studios, smaller creative houses benefit much more from having a profitable big company with established processes and business model, than by gathering together to summarize life is pain, and gamedev is a success driven market.

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Talking to Lithuanian media about opportunities with gamedev

Chees to Naujoji Komunikacija and kudos to GameOn

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Lithuanian government supports #GamesCampus and visas for non-EU people

I hope this nice initiative gets a follow up soon, and my overemotionous reports gonna be backed by raw solid facts. For now the fact is that Galyonkin and Klimov are coming to Vilnius, and the #GamesCampus was announced via their podcast (minute 61).

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