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Игровые конференции: DevGamm, White Nights и здоровье индустрии

Полгода назад я составил краткий путеводитель по конференциям для разработчиков игр, а теперь пришло время разобрать где я был прав, где не прав, и понаблюдать за изменяющимся рынком мероприятий в России и рядом с ней.

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White Nights: breaking the conference rules in Russia

White Nights is a marketing and networking (no, not the TCP/IP based :) ) conference that takes place in the cultural capital of Russia: the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, during a special season of “white nights.” It never gets dark, so the event starts late and the mingling crowds fall asleep by early morning – super friendly for your American jet lag!

Imagine the setting: East meets West in a mobile-marketing-focused get together in a beautiful environment. Time for the all new Unity Russia to join the fun.

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Startup conference manual: Game Development

Smaller guys, smaller studios, smaller creative houses benefit much more from having a profitable big company with established processes and business model, than by gathering together to summarize life is pain, and gamedev is a success driven market.

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