Motivation (how to deal with Russians)

We had that conversation about Russian realities, you know, not the regular bragging, but more of “ok, how to operate here then” theme.

moscow view

In America you motivate people with money – give more money, people would do more. Endless consumption, reinvestment and such. In Europe it is more complex – people can rent 20 sq m apartment and love it as much as they love other simple things (fresh bread, clean air, smiling bus driver, etc…). What is Russia then?

I am not Russian, so I watch this country with infant’s eyes trying to understand what is happening. I ask my questions around, and I get my answers.

Russia is all about friends, a kind of closed circle of people you believe. You don’t quite care/trust your government, medicine, the police and other essentials in general, you think of people you (or your friends) know instead whenever you need anything – a loan, apartment repair, to visit a dentist, to mend a car, you name it…

This is how you live, but also this is how you take a job.

One essentially does not randomly send a CV blast, but asks around instead, or gets headhunted by a friend. Overall, it is much safer and more reliable to be/get advised or a job – the risk of getting screwed/deceived/undeloved is infinitely higher otherwise. And that’s important, in most cases there’s a thick layer of management and a monarch at each – something, left virtually untouched from the soviet past.

Am all over the story of the friends and relatives approach, I am listening to people explaining me Russia (or maybe Moscow?) and imaging The Sims vs Minecraft thing. You’re building and rebuilding a house, getting friends around you, moving to the next levels of friend circles, if you’re ambitious… it’s all about building the own small cozy world around you, the perfect one you’re comfortable living in, love and be loved, with all the social comfort and financial freedom. And then you fight with everything beyond that, the Minecraft zombies, you know…

minecraft moscow

But but but… that social comfort, infrastructure should just be around you by default, closed circle is all the people around you. Why huge houses, luxury cars and other extras? I am from the outer world, I have no rights to judge or criticize, I am to understand and live by the rules, that work here.

Politics, oligarchs, surnames and latest gossips – I cannot understand that probably, so nothing logged here. But did I get at least the lifestyle right? Any insiders to polish the text?

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