How to piss off a Lithuanian

That’s not where I was born, nor where my ancestors come from. But this country is hard to not fall in Love with, so here we go.


Euronews says “it’s the young people who are changing their country”, the idea I totally follow. Actually the reality is that you have to make yourself a job or become a good programmer if you’re up for a relaxing life here. So people indeed go and do stuff – family restaurants, cozy bars, bicycle repairs, internet startups – whatever works for them. And the government supports it all via friendly/helpful tax officers and startup events for young entrepreneurs.

And then the Turkish Airlines director moves to Vilnius from the UK and quite enjoys the life quality here. Even more, one of the top Russian business newspapers, Kommersant, explains Lithuania as a good place to emigrate to – clean, cheap, friendly, no-bureaucracy, people-speak-Russian. The Moscow Times seconds the clean air and nature idea plus suggests Vilnius as a perfect weekend getaway.

First thing is the people (such a new feeling of optimism), second thing is the opportunity (so much possibility here… you can create anything) and the third thing could probably be that the lifestyle could best be described as a slow hurry. – says one famous US citizen (hi Daniel Ray).

Then Christina goes to migration department to solve the panic and everyone is friendly and is there to help her. So she can actually stay here and train more award-winning figureskaters and arrange some contemporary performances

I quite like the Zeitgeist around Vilnius and the attitude to life here. Now the important part in a rare case you meet a Lithuanian somewhere – How to piss off a Lithuanian. See, it’s easy =]

how to catch a lithuanian

And the last bit… in Lithuania the Coke has a strong competitor on the soft drink market – Vytautas mineral water. Funny, yo? Here’s an ad to understand why.

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