Игровые конференции: DevGamm, White Nights и здоровье индустрии

Я технический евангелист компании Unity Technologies, и моя работа — путешествовать, рассказывать что-то полезное на конференциях, помогать отечественным разработчикам получить максимум внимания от компании Unity.

Полгода назад я составил краткий путеводитель по конференциям для разработчиков игр, а теперь пришло время разобрать где я был прав, где не прав, и понаблюдать за изменяющимся рынком мероприятий в России и рядом с ней.



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  • Portman

    Upon loading up the game and probably startling Google Chrome itself with the absurdness of what I was playing, the word disappointment temporarily fell out of my vocabulary because after even 30 seconds of playing my head was filled with rainbows, amazement, and awe at how simultaneously simple and entertaining the experience was. Aside from the frightening array of colours that would distress even the hardiest of retinas, everything about this game is unbelievably simple
    and easy to grasp. Taking the fact that you are a mechanical unicorn as given, you are thrown into a bubblegum world of fantasy and sparkle which, upon witnessing it with your own eyes, will make you understand what those Skittles talk about when they bang on about “tasting the rainbow”. As a robot unicorn, your job is to simply run endlessly across terrain, jumping intermittently when the ground beneath you ends and landing on the next platform. The jumps become increasingly difficult as
    you progress, with terrain and giant star-shaped obstacles getting in your way. cat mario online