F2P, IAP, P2W and other monetization opportunities for the city

Free to play games with optional in-app purchases is a norm on mobiles nowadays. As well as a flame wars on the “games got worse, the life is spoiled, old school 50$ games are better”, but what if this monetize-everything trend gets more common in our lives?

Here’s a poll where Vilnius city council is asking if it is OK to monetize the freshly uncovered musical fountain. More than 30% actually highlighted this as preferred!

bernardinu sodas fountain

Right now the fountain plays opera and jazz supported by the light magic in the evenings. The idea is to make a premium SMS service so that people could launch the fountain when they like it or select the music track.

Developing the F2P idea for the city could end up with situations like “Sir, you have to free the bench for me, here’s the SMS confirmation” Or how about making the traffic light green by a premium SMS?

The pool of ideas is endless!
What would be your favorite one?
What would you monetize in your city? =]

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