Ultimate time management game for an evangelist

Imagine a time management game when you have 12 months, finite budget and infinite number of events to visit. Oh, and you also have to prepare for your talks, make slides, rehearse them and make them look and sound.


I did play this game. Here is the highscore for year 2013:

  1. Inter Game Tallinn
  2. Unity User Group Meetup Brighton
  3. Mobile World Congress Barcelona
  4. GDC San Francisco
  5. MS SWIT Kiev
  6. KRI/Russian GDC Moscow
  7. Unite Malmo
  8. Mobile Optimized Minsk
  9. Unity Week St Petersburg
  10. Unity Training Day Stockholm
  11. White Nights St Petersburg
  12. Unity Day Kaliningrad
  13. Unity Training Day Amsterdam
  14. China Joy Shanghai
  15. Unity Training Day St Petersburg
  16. Unity Day and Games Night Moscow
  17. Apps4All Forum Moscow
  18. Casual Connect Kiev
  19. NextCastle St Petersburg
  20. GamesNight Kiev
  21. DevGamm Kiev
  22. Unity Day Minsk
  23. Unity Reseller event Moscow

Add here a few internal events and a few travels on vacations as a bonus level ;-) So this averages at 3-with-a-bit travels a month! Also I have some fresh-ish slides for you.

Indie GameDev HowTo

I am explaining gamedevs should behave like startup while shipping their first games, talking about raising money, delivering your product and bringing up your team.

AAA on mobiles: what, why, when, how much

I am talking about the latest big budget games on mobiles, explaining their tech and expectations, talking about money, devices, platforms, development costs. Blank pages is where I had videos…

Unity for artists

Showing a brief history of Unity, talking about projects we did together with partners, engine showoffs and explaining that nice looking games are made by artists, so Unity what empowers them.

Unity in Russia

Slides with some nice numbers on Unity use in Russia. Probably not that valuable without a voiceover.

NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER. See you next year!

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