Entering the Russian Facebook

Russia is different indeed, they have own Classmates, LinkedIn and the Facebook. Being part of the Unity Technologies and a Russian speaker (almost native btw!), I tried to enter the bare grounds of the latter as a kind of Russian Unity blog.

Moscow Russia

And while I am still digesting the takeaways, there’s still something early to share

  • Behavior and habits of FB and VK users are completely different
  • The news feed, the way content get fed to the user, content consuption – all differs
  • More – the average age, dialog habits, friend/unfriend use cases – totally differet
  • VK is all about getting user in as long as necessary
  • VK is restrictive, social, involving viral to extreme levels just to own the user
  • Naturally, one cannot do much on VK while being a FB guru, so you need a local

Said that, there are quite a few quite alive Unity communities I am trying to support. Next week we’re trying to make a Google hangout together – there gonna be a video for the rest of the world after it finishes.

Anyway, the takeaway is: yeah, Russia is different, you cannot conquer it with a Western mind set. You need a patience, and a reliable local.

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