What’s up with gamedev conferences in Russia?

Year 2008 was a year when pretty much all the Russian/Ukrainian gamedev scene collapsed to reemerge in different forms (mostly social and mobile, together with a global trend). Years 2012-2013 was when commercial conference industry boomed, what resulted in a series of low quality PR-oriented events targeted at generic crowd. And then the bubble blew up, and “no one” attended gamedev/mobile conferences anymore.

So far Devgamm in Kiev and Moscow, Casual Connect Kiev and publisher oriented White Nights in St Petersburg is what still has trust and profile. Even the Russian GDC feels in hard nose bow, together with old gamedev oriented forums, portals, etc. I wrote a bigger text on this in Russian.

Meaning it is harder and harder to access relevant people from the industry, you practically have to arrange visits to their offices, catch execs at major international shows all over the world and focus on your loyal community.

Basically that is how my work has transformed in 2013, hence the shifts to community, mass-media and smaller regional events. And that went pretty well! 2014 gonna prove the statement ;-)

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