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Building communities is what I’ve been [casually] busy with for the last… ten-ish years, and that has been my focus for the last ~2-3 months. Probably there’s some experience to share with you.

First, understand that any initiative (community, blog, idea, project) passes through initialization, growth, stagnation and death. The last point is not that apocalyptic and demotivating, in fact, death may also mean merge, evolution, pivot [with/of/around other idea].

The key point of any community is a strong brand [leader, or a few of them] able to collect people and drive them, keep them excited and have them evolve to the right direction. This translates to

community itself takes a lot of time [years is a common timeframe] to mature and be useful, so it is the leader what is the only valuable part of the community

Common mistake is that people create something new and drive traffic of people there, because that New is what the creators think is awesome and good (they created it after all). While the reality is, that The New is hard, it requires learning, developing habits, and this hardly lies along nice emotions.

So I’ve put the same thought three times so you, my dear reader, find it and read it. There’s also something under the cut.

I love the startup communities book – it inspires and explains how to start something big and complex. Mostly inspires though [but that's good enough].

It is said, business books are soap operas for men: one good idea per book and 300 pages of story. My good idea is highlighted above.

The story

In fact, who cares about the story? I’d better put a postmortem/summary of the setup that works for Unity with the Russian market [gamedev-wise], at some point =]

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