Awesome Sid Meier’s game made with Unity

The trend is that a good game today looks 3D, pretty, sexy and appealing with a harsh IAP-based monetization. So Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol challenges every word in this statement.

ace patrol unity3d

The old board game resurrected as a turn-by-turn strategy game on mobiles. It plays so well, has an extensive free part and costs about 5 EUR to unlock all campaigns. You can also pay to win or pay for a god mode, but… yeah, why? Or why not…

The game does not progress fast, the experience is not developing and the game play is pretty static. Again, the graphics is somewhat prototype-like, IMHO.

Despite all, anyone old enough to had spent a few weeks with HoMM 3 shall get a free copy of this.

Note: TouchArcade has a gameplay video

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